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The GET LOADED! 2011 CD compilation has landed - and we have the first 100 copies to sell through our blogsite store...

To order your copy, click the buy now button below and order online. Free shipping within New Zealand!

GET LOADED! 2011//Physical CD

1. A Time For Giving//Mr. Squatch
2. Chatterbox//Tim Richards & Fiord
3. Never Turn Your Back//Magik Johnson
4. Chemir//Kyle Bourke (Scotty Vinyl Remix)
5. Under The Six//Fil Alexander & Toby Waan
6. Quattro//A Ant
7. Hype Machine//Daniel Farley & Tim Corin
8. Effervescent//Circuit
9. ADAT//Aural Trash
10. Midi-Chlorian//Fil Alexander
11. Mulcha (Re-Mulch'd 2011)//Greg Churchill
12. Like It Boy//Kyle Bourke & Tania M ft. Luna (Deep & Dirty Remix)
13. Get Down//Koincide